Venture on a journey from central asia to S.E. Asia on the Silk Road, You may travel from Kirgizstan to Laos or vice versa, you can do it either way... Trip cost is the same if trip length is the same.

  • Aug. 1-25, Eastern Tibet to Silk Road

    Laos-Kirgizstan on your own bikes

    Travel from tropical southeast Asia to subtropical Southern China to the ancient cities of Dali and Lijiang, following the path of this incredible route of the caravan trades of tea to Shangri_la, the gateway to Tibet and Kham ibetan region. The ride through the third deepest Gorge, Tiger Leaping Gorge is one of the best rides in…

  • Start 29 July 2018 Europe - Finish 5 October Thailand

    UK to China 2018

    The Silk Road originally extended over 6,000 km through ancient China, India, Persia, Europe and Arabia, linking the mighty civilizations of the East and the West. Journey along this historic route and explore remote areas of western China. It was the worlds first superhighway, a series of desert and mountain crossing that enable…


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