If you are about to drive your vehicles to China. We will arrange permits, customs, licenses and guide for you. Expeditions are guided tours and will be longer and more demanding.

  • Drive your RVs, Campervans and Motorcycles to China

    Drive to China

    ✥Visit Holy city Lhasa
    ✥Encounter Tibetan Nomads
    ✥Ride over Tibetan Himalayas
    ✥Lijiang world heritage site
    ✥Traditional Chinese gardens
    ✥Ride through World's largest terraced fields
    ✥Visit hill tribes on minority markets
    ✥River across Mekong Salween Yangtse
    ✥Highest unclimbed mountain Kawakarpo 6740m 
    ✥Hiking on 3000m glaciers
    ✥Great Rivers National Park of China
    ✥Home stay in a Tibetan village
    ✥Traversing some of the largest rivers in Asia
    ✥Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites
    ✥Hike the Great Wall


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