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    China is the third largest country in terms of area. Numerous historical monuments scattered across the vast territory. The vast land of this country also hosts various natural landscapes, such as the Three Parallel Rivers National Park, the Silk Road, Tibet and Yunnan. Discover China with your own vehicles. Let us know your travel plans and we tailor make your self drive tours in China.

    There are quite some interesting routes for you to travel through China. These are some of the most popular takes. 

    Drive from Kirgizstan to China, exit to Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar. The journey will take about 22 to 28 days.

    Drive from Mongolia China,  exit to Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar. The journey will take about 15 to 18 days.

    Drive from Southeast Asia to China and back. The journey will take about 7 to 12 days.

    Best time to drive to China is from March to November.

    Steps to go if you plan to drive or ride to China 

    1. Start dreaming and share your dreams with RideChina 

    2. Contact us for FREE route planning ( As early as possible ) 

    3. Confirm your trip and send us your document of vehicles and drivers (deposit needed) 

    4. We send you the invitation letter and other supporting document for your visa application 

    5. We start the process of permit application and book your tour 

    6. Reconfirm the date and time to meet when entry date approaches. 

    7. Your guide will meet you at the designated border 

    8. Clear customs, do vehicle inspection and get your Chinese licenses 

    9. Travel with your guide across China to your exit border

    10. Clear customs and departure for your onward adventure

    Due to varied altitudes and latitudes of different destinations, there are some general weather guidelines to different regions. Our tours are scheduled to happen in the best, suitable months to avoid rain and coldness. 

    Tour Cost on demand:



    --Customs deposit and broker service 

    --Chinese driving license 

    --Chinese temporary plates 

    --Third party liability insurance for your vehicles 

    --China travel insurances 

    --Tour information about safe riding in China 

    --Hotel and camp sit booking if needed 

    --Tour guide rides a motorcycle 

    --Tour guide drives a support vehicle 

    --Tour guide shares your vehicles 

    Thanks to Wong for a wonderful adventure, we requested some off road riding on our regular tour, and we got it! Can't wait to come back for more !

    Singapore- Koh




Entry at any border /Exit at any border






There are over a dozen of international borders from where you can enter and exit China with your own vehicles. As the third largest country, China has a lot to offer, natural landscapes and historical sites...


Hotels, Guesthouses, Camping

✥Visit Holy city Lhasa
✥Encounter Tibetan Nomads
✥Ride over Tibetan Himalayas
✥Lijiang world heritage site
✥Traditional Chinese gardens
✥Ride through World's largest terraced fields
✥Visit hill tribes on minority markets
✥River across Mekong Salween Yangtse
✥Highest unclimbed mountain Kawakarpo 6740m 
✥Hiking on 3000m glaciers
✥Great Rivers National Park of China
✥Home stay in a Tibetan village
✥Traversing some of the largest rivers in Asia
✥Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites
✥Hike the Great Wall


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