Through China to Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar

Mongolia to SE Asia on your own bikes

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    Embark on a journey through two of North Asia's most fascinating countries. From Ulaanbaator's laid-back modern vibes to the hustle and bustle of Xi'an, these ancient Asian kingdoms are full of contrasts and surprises. Travel across the countryside of Mongolia, a land of rich natural beauty, fascinating nomadic cultures and evolving modernity to the hustle and bustle of Xi'an. Be captivated by the sprawling Gobi Desert, Witness the best of contemporary and classical China and stoic Terracotta Warriors and always-inspiring Great Wall of China, witness the Giant Pandas on this Overland tour of a lifetime into Laos or Vietnam.


    Day to Day Itinerary

    Mongolia to Laos, Vietnam or Myanmar


    Day 1 Mongolia to Erenhot
    Enter China from Mongolia at Erenhot, met by your guide and clear the customs for vehicles and driving license process. Stay at a hotel in Erenhot
    Day 2 Erenhot to Wulachabu (343KM)
    We drive to Wulanchabu, follow 208 national road we will ride to Wulanchabu city.
    Day 3 Wulanchabu to Datong (185KM)
    We will ride to Datong in the morning and visit the Datong Grottos in the afternoon and then drive to Hunyuan for the Hanging Temple which is a miracle in ancient Chinese construction, the whole temple was built on the mountain cliffs. Overnight in Hunyuan County.
    Day 4 Hunyuan to Pingyao (385KM)
    We drive from Hunyuan to Pingyao via Taiyuan and then visit the Pingyao ancient city, one of the classic examples of northern style ancient city in China. Every year, people will hold the photographing festival here and it is regarded an idea place for photographers.
    Day 5 Pingyao
    A rest Day in Pingyao to explore the old city of Pingyao, dated back to 12th century, featuring old life style  and architecture of central China.
    Day 6 Pingyao to Hukou Water Fall (337KM)
    We will ride to the Yellow River, The Hukou Waterfall, the largest waterfall on the Yellow River, China, the second largest waterfall in China, is located at the intersection of Shanxi Province and Shaanxi Province, afterwards we will continue to Yichuan for overnight.


    Day 7 Yellow River to Xi'an (295KM)
    We will push our way to Xi'an, the ancient capital of China. Traffic gets busier when we approach the city. Overnight in Xi'an.


    Day 8 Xi'an rest day
    We will visit in ancient city-Xi'an. Xi'an has been the capital of China in over 10 dynasties, and you can see history everywhere in Xi'an. We suggest the visit to the world famous Terra Cottas Warriors, the hundred years old city wall, drum tower, bell tower, and the Chinese History museum (one of the best 3 in China) etc.


    Day 9 Xi'an to Chengdu (659KM)
    Ride to Chengdu, arrve in Chendgu in late afternoon. This is a long day, we might need take 1.5 day depends on our riding pace.


    Day 10  Chengdu Rest Day
    Chengdu is the gateway to southwest China, famous for it's spicy hot pot and relaxed life style. We will visit the most famous creature in China, the Giant Pandas at Chengdu Breeding Center.


    Day 11 Chengdu to Leshan to Zhaotong (500KM)
    We shall ride to visit the Giant Buddha at Leshan and ride to Zhaotong, your first city of Yunna  Province.


    Day 12 Zhaotong to Kunming (360KM)
    Ride to Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province. Kunming ihas a history of 1200 years and is nicked named as the city of eternal spring.


    Day 13  Kunming to Different borders
    You may choose to exit China through three borders to Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar
    1. Hekou/Laocai to Vietnam (500KM)
    2. Mohan/Boten to Laos (650KM)
    3. Ruili/Muse to Myanmar (780KM)


    Day 14  Clear customs and say goodbye to China

    We will ride to the border conttrols and your guide will help with immigration and customs clearance. Afterwards you may say goodbye to China and continue your onward journey.


    2 riders: 5000USD/person/bike

    3 riders: 4000USD/person/bike

    4 riders: 3300USD/person/bike

    5-6 riders: 3000USD/person/bike
    Dates: May to October on demand




    --Chinese driving licenses and temp plates

    --Customs clearances

    --Custom Bund

    --Third party liability insurance for your motorcycles

    --Road book of the tour and destination information

    --Tour guide on his own motorcycle or drive an escort car

    --Tour guide's own food and lodges

    -- Assists on bike maintenance

    -- Assists on bike spare parts sourcing




    --All entry fees to parks and monasteries, etc...

    --Fuel and oil for your motorcycles

    --All overnights in hotels, guesthouses and tent

    --All services not mentioned and all items of a personal nature

    --Tipping or gratuities to guides and drivers

    --Mandatory international travel insurance

    --Extra cost if  tour is delayed or changed due to reasons beyond control

    Me and my 12 year old son traveled with Ridechina's guide Mr. Wong from Mongolia to Laos. Everything was taken good care of, Wong was a great guide and we enjoyed the trip very much. It was a very good experience for my son.

    D.J. USA


Minimum 2 participants




14 days, 9 days riding, 3 rest days




Total distance 3656KM, daily rides 250-500 km. Mostly on asphalt roads, highways and national roads.




Mongolia, gobi desert, Erenhot, Pingyao old town , Xi'an terra cotta army, Chengdu Giant pandas, Jianshui Ancient Cultural City, Chinese Architecture and gardens, Rarely visited mountain tribes.


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