Laos-China-Tibet-Xinjiang-Kyrgyzstan 2025

Ride across China on your motorcycles
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    Ride your own motorcyclces to join us on this 26 day motorcycle expedition across China. Our expedition starts from tropical southeast Asia at China/Laos border. You will group up with other members before exiting Laos. You will be met by your RideChina guide and enter China without having to worry about anything.

    After border formalities and customs declaration of your motorcycles, you will be travelling north to Dali and we ride to Lijiang,  Naxi Ethnic Town. We ride through the third deepest gorge in the world and climb up the foothills of the Himalayas and enter Tibet officially. We will ride through the great river trenches of Asia, Yangtse, Mekong and Salween rivers over several mountain passes above 5000 meters. Lhasa is well worth all the challenges. 

    Mt. Everest base camp is not the end of our adventure but a new beginning as we venture to the Xinjiang. Riding over some of the highest passes of the Kunlun Range and crossing some beautiful valleys we will find ourselves in a different world on the western edge of the Taklimakan Desert. 

    Welcome to Kashgar, one of the largest oasis on the silk road. Follow the Silk Road we shall venture into the Stan countries. Your guide will assist with border formalities and customs clearance exiting China to Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan.

    We have Limited Bike Rentals from Kunming to Kashgar if you simply just want to ride through China.

    Pre China stage: 

    If you are based in SE Asia, then you should know well the region and be able to ride to Laos/China border to meet up with the group. If you are based in Australian/Newzealand/USA and planning to ship your motorcycles to SE Asia there are several ports recommened: Bangkok Thailand, you may also ship our bikes to Singapore or Malaysia. Ride through SE Asia to China is an amazing journey and you get to visit some of most places and expereince different cultures. RideChina can help you get in touch with shipping & logistics agents and , and trip advices. Our China Transit tour starts from Boten border that connects Laos and China. Riders can meet the group at last Laos hotel before entering China. Ride China guide will meet the group after you finish Laos immigration formalities and organize border crossing to China.

    Weekly itinerary ( please email info at to request detailed day to day itinerary)

    Week 1  Laos - China - Tibet Border

    Entering China, we shall ride through sub tropical China to Dali, the city of eternal spring. This is a lively city of 3 million inhabitants. Weather starts to cool down when we ride to Lijiang , the UNESCO World Heritage Naxi Ethnic Town, in one week time we will be riding through the third deepest gorge in the world, retracing the ancient caravan trails, visiting small villages and Tibetan monasteries in Shangri_la, worshiping the highest unclimbed mountain in the world, climbing high to the foothills of the Himalayas. Tibet awaits for us !

    Week 2 Road to Lhasa and Mt. Everest

    We enter Tibet officially, Eastern Tibet is a hidden treasure. Only a handful of westerners have traveled through this region. We will ride through the great river trenches of Asia, Yangtse, Mekong and Salween rivers. We shall ride over several mountain passes above 5000 meters. Riding a motorcycle into the holy city of Lhasa is well worth all the challenges. You will spent a rest day to explore the different lifestyle and existing culture of the roof of the world. Monasteries and shrines are the centre of the religious faith, which plays an important role in their day to day life since from thousand years. The adventure continues from the holy city Lhasa for a once in a lifetime opportunity to ride up to the base camp of Everest. This will be ultimate climax on two wheels ...

    Week 3  Changtang Plateau and Xin Jiang 

    Mt. Everest is not the end of our adventure but a new start, we venture into northern Tibet through the wildest land on earth. Meeting nomads dwelling in low, black tents, tend flocks of sheep and goats as well as herds of the yak. We ride to Golmud and ride along the second largest shifting desert in the world, a different world on the western edge of the Taklimakan Desert. Welcome to Kashgar, the oasis on the silk road. 

    Week 4  Kashgar to Central Asia 

    We spend some time in Kashgar, visit the old town and do some bike maintainace. Follow the Silk Road we shall venture into the Stan Countries at Torugart Pass to Kyrgyzstan. if you need any advice for onward travel to central asia west asia and Europe, Ride China has the latest information to help you plan your onward travel to Europe.  

    Dates: April 18 - May 13, 2025

    Prices: USD3700/rider


    6 - 7 riders add $500/rider
    4 - 5 riders add $800/rider
    Singleroom Supplement: $750/person



    We have Limited Bike Rentals from Kunming to Kashgar if you simply just want to ride through China.

    Tour Cost : 3700USD + 2300USD (
    Bike Rental) 

    KOVE 525X adventure bike ( Click to view bike )

    Included in the cost:

    -Selected top quality hotels on shared basis

    -All breakfasts

    -Local overnight hotel parking charges

    -Chinese Visa advice and letter of invitation

    -Tibet China Travel Permits for foreigners 

    -Foreign vehicles self drive permit

    -Customs Deposit for imported Vehicles

    -Chinese Driving License

    -China Motorcycle Number Plate

    -Third party insurance for motocycles

    -Travel insurance for travelers

    -Daily route notes

    -Expedition T-Shirt


    -Support Vehicle + 4 seats

    -A trailer and bike tools
    -Bottled water, coffee breaks from the van

    -Oxygen Cylinder and masks

    -Emergency first aid kit

    -Support Vehicle driver with mechanical experience

    -English Speaking Guides


      Support van and trailer for emergencies

    "THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, you have been more than helpful... 

    and we are very pleased with Jah and our driver Tang.. One month they have really worked hard to make this trip come through...”

    -Carl from Singapore

    “In a blink of eyes, I could do it again”   

    -Andrew from Australia

    "Thanks for organizing the trip, its a great experience"

    -Dominick from Germany

    "Jah is an exceptional tour guide with a great team, I would whole heartedly recommend taking a tour with him ”

    -Dani from UK

    Ride China and it was absolutely amazing - 100% recommended! 

    Everything was organised well - from border entry to meals to accommodation to clearing checkpoints etc. Our guide Sangpo and driver of the support van Tang Pang were a great team - they helped us tremendously throughout the trip with ordering food and recommending places of interest whenever we stopped at major cities. They also helped us with bike repairs and maintenance, translating what we needed to the mechanics at workshops - this was very helpful as we couldn’t speak very good Mandarin. The trip itinerary was also very well planned and spaced out, and we had sufficient time to rest and explore the attractions. Accommodation was also excellent - at least 3-4 star hotels every night, great location and facilities. Will be back for another tour in future !!

    2024 Laos to Kyrgyzstan Team


Minimum 8 motorcycles


Laos Boten/Torugart Kyrgyzstan


26 days




Total distance 9000 km, daily rides 250-500 km. Laos-Mohan-Dali-Lijiang-Lhasa-Golmud-Khotan-Kashgar-Torugart-Kyrgyzstan


Hand Picked Quality Hotels

✥World Heritage City Lijiang
✥Tiger Leaping Gorge
✥Three rivers national park
✥Eastern Himalayan Mountain
✥Lhasa, the holy city
✥Rarely visited eastern Tibet
✥Yangtse,Mekong Salween Rivers
✥Himalayas and Karakorums
✥Potala Palce
✥Yumdrok Lake
✥Mt. Everest base camp
✥Changtang Plateau
✥Kashgar city
✥Silk Road Oasis


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