Where do you ride in China

China is the third largest country in terms of area Numerous historical monuments scattered across the vast territory. The vast land of this country also hosts various natural landscapes, such as the Three Parallel Rivers National Park, the Silk Road, Tibet and Yunnan.

These are some general ideas to start planning your expeditions across China on your own motorcycles.

A. Silk Road and Central China Kirgizstan to Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar via central China

B. Central China, ancient cultural cities Mongolia to Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar

C. Tibet and Mt. Everest Base Camp

D. Kirgizstan to Nepal, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar via Tibet 

E. Southeast Asia and China Loop


Ride China handles border crossings, logistics, permits, customs declaration, import & export for motorcycles and motor vehicles at the following 11 international borders. Some borders open all year around, some close in the winter. Most borders close on weekends and public holidays. You may enter and exit at the same border, or exit at a different border.

1. Vietnam at Hekou/Laocai 

2. Laos at Mohan/Boten 

3. Myanmar at Ruili/Muse 

4. Nepal at Zhangmu/Kodari 

5. Kirgizstan at Irkestam 

6. Kirgizstan at Torugart 

7. Kazakhstan at Horgos 

8. Mongolia at Erenhot 

9. Tianjing Harbor 

10. Shanghai Harbor 

11. Shenzhen Harbor


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