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Bike rental is for the Experienced riders ONLY

1. Bike rental has to be accompanied by our riding guides at extra cost.

2. You must have a valid international driver permit for motorcycles.

3. Bike rental is based in Kunming city(southwest China)

4. Riding a motorcycle is potentially dangerous,it is only for experienced riders.

5. Worst situation is when your motorcycle hurts somebody, rider is responsible to take care of the injured.

6. Ride cautiously and avoid any accident is the golden rule.

7. We can't warn you more to give up the idea of riding a motorcycle in China, but it is fun doing so...

What's included in rental cost:
Pannier Cases or bags
Basic Tools
Spare Parts
Chain Lubricate Oil
Basic Third Party Insurance
Each motorcycle rental requires USD2000 damage deposit

Engine type


Max power

Max torque

Compression ratio


Dry weight

Ground clearance

Seat Height

Tire size

Economic fuel consumption

Fuel tank capacity

Brake system

Max speed


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