Ride your own bikes

Drive your own vehicles to China. We will arrange permits, customs importation, licenses and guides for you. 

A supporting vehicle or a riding guide is included ( optional). A support van can carry your luggage and sometimes your bike,  A riding guide can be riding with you all the time.

Your driver and guide will help you in case you have a mechanic problem. For more serious problems, we will help you out through our contacts with official dealers, experienced mechanics and shops. 

A brief GUIDE to " how to ride your own motorcycles to China".

China is a massive country and the gateway to Southeast Asia and to Central Asia. In order to ride your motorcycles around the world from Europe to Asia, or vice versa. You might need to cross China by overland and to be frank China is such an amazing land to travel around.  

In order to travel through China by your own vehicles you need to hire a registered travel company to do some paper works for you. The paper works are but not limited to self driving permit, custom broker service, a custom deposit, driver licence and a temporary number plate etc. 

Hotels and meals don't have to be included in the cost but you need to hire a guide to accompany your whole journey throughout China. Some free lance agents might offer you the chance of driving through China without a guide. Ride China has to follow the regulations of China Culture & Tourism Bureau by assigning you or your group a guide. We can not afford the risk of losing our job and you get deported if something happens to you without a guide at present, something unexpected like traffic accident, theft, regular check points and random police checks. 

Ride China guides are trained to be excellent riders or drivers to lead your way across China. With our lead guide riding or driving ahead on the road, we are so experienced and we know how to avoid potential dangers and accidents. Thus making sure your journey is safe and sound in China. 

RideChina knows every road, local regulations and the highlights of each destination. Thus saving your time from looking for local information, hotels and restaurants. We offer free route planning and advice to hotels, meals plans, routes choices etc.  Try Ride China once and we will be friends forever.


You may ride your motorcycles or drive your motor vehicles to China by following these simple steps.

Steps to go if you plan to drive or ride to China

1.Contact Ride China for FREE route planning ( As early as possible ) via emails, WhatsApp or Wechat.

2.Confirm your trip and send us your document of vehicles and drivers (booking deposit is needed) 

3.Ride China sends you the invitation letter and other supporting document for your visa application 

4.Reconfirm the date of your arrival at a Chinese border. (Final payment is required)

5. RideChina guide will meet you at the designated borders 

6.Travel with your guide across China to your exit border


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