Shipping Logistics & Repairs

When you need a hand, or a spare part. Ridechina will not hesitate to help. When your bike needs a service or a repair, we get you to the right places and find the right spare parts for you. We make sure the needed parts to be delivered the soonest and your bike back on road.

When Motorcycle repairs are needed, We as the professional riders will help with your bike problems, repairs and maintenance. When major repairs and parts needed, we will help you sort out high quality OEM parts and deliver to you in the shortest time. We are well connected with good sources of KTM, BMW and Japanese bikes. We have partners-garages located in several key locations in China cities: Lhasa, Dali, Kunming, Chengdu, Xi'an, Kashgar, Beijing.

Ride China can ship your vehicles worldwide from any Chinese city or port.


We can also deliver the spare parts that you need to the borders, for example tires to be changed, or good quality engine oil.

When your bike needs to be towed and transported back home, we help you with packing and all other logistics.


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