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Cost from US$4850, 17 days, 12 days riding through Tibet
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    This motorcycle tour to Changtang Plateau, Everest Base camp and Mt. Kailash is designed for the motorcyclist with THE SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE! The roads you travel will vary from easy riding on asphalt roads, reasonable gravel roads on very high altitudes that will require long distance riding experience and endurance. 

    The adventure begins in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. The journey will be a high-altitude adventure, including several mountain passes at over 5000 meters! We'll spend time traveling through Changtang literally means “great empty land in the north“. Dotted with pristine alpine lakes, mountains glaciers and nomads dwellings, Changtang is the least populated and visited region in the world. With an average altitude above 4000 meters, this is truly the roof top of the world. Changtang National Nature Reserve is a wildlife paradise and home to a variety of wildlife species such as Tibetan antelopes, wild yaks, Tibetan wild donkeys and black-necked cranes. We traverse Changtang and reach western Tibet towards the Indian border where Himalayan mountain range meets the Karakorum Ranges.

    We travel to Tsaparang to visit the ancient Gugu Kingdom, a rest day is scheduled to visit the castle ruins, Tholing monastery. The adventure continues in the shadow of the Himalayas, we get to Mt. Kailash, the holy mountain to Tibetans and the Indus. 

    Ride next to Mt. Namu Nani and Lake Manasarova we ride south with a great view of Mt. Shishapanma(8012m). With a once in a lifetime opportunity we ride up to the base camp of Mt. Everest, where climbers begin their ascent of the world's tallest mountain. 

    Our journey will take you to visit many of Tibet historical sites before we find our way back to Lhasa. Tibet is a land rich in history, and many of the ancient temples, monasteries and palaces will be on our path through this beautiful country. If you are looking for history, adventure, challenge and excitement on two wheels, then this ultimate adventure through Tibet is for you!

    Day 1 Flight to China 

    Arrive in Chengdu, the gateway to Tibet. Tonight's hotel is included and prepaid. Check in the hotel on your own and get Tibet Travel Permit before travelling to Lhasa.  

    Day 2 Flight to Lhasa (3650m)

    Flight journey to Lhasa (air ticket is included), met and taken to your hotel, rest of the afternoon you may rest and get acclimatize high altitude. Welcome Dinner.

    Day 3 Lhasa acclimatization Day (3650m)

    We will visit Potala Palace was built in 1645 about 50 years by Dalai Lama Lobsang Gyatso and one of the most beautiful architecture in the world, long 400 meters, wide 350 meters and height 13th floors. Moreover total room is 1,000 rooms. Jokhang Temple that was built for celebration of marriage of Songten Gambo (King of Tibet) with Princess Wencheng of Tang Dynasty, since before 1,300. Free time around the Barkhor Street.

    Day 4 Lhasa – Northern Tibet Namtso Lake

    After two good rest days, our adventure starts with an easy ride northward to a popular tour attraction - Namtso Lake. We ride to a La Geng La pass slightly over 5000 meters. Then drop down to the altitude at 4700 meters, crystal looking Namtso is the biggest saltwater lake in Tibet. We stay in a tented guesthouse by the lake shore. Time allows you may stroll around the Tashi Peninsula.  (Ride 200 KM)

    Day 5  Lakes and wild animals

    We wake up to a sun rise at Nyanchen Tangla Mountain and ride on a small country road along the eastern shore of Lake Namtso to Lake Ban Ge, you may bump into wild antelopes crossing. We arrive at Lake Sering (4530m), it is the second largest lake in Tibet. We spend a night in a basic hotel. (Ride 300KM)

    Day 6  Changtang Plateau

    Many of of big rivers originate from the glaciers of Changtang. We ride to a  small nomad village Nyima, the ride in the morning often accompanied by wild animals like wild Tibetan horses and antelopes. Only a handful of adventurous travellers have made their ways to here. (Ride 230KM)


    Day 7  More lakes and the heart of Changtang

    We ride pass the third largest lake in Tibet - Zham Namtso, and the holy lake of Bon Faith - Damretso. This is most picturesque day of our Changtang Plateau adventure. We will stop to visit Wenbu Nancun village, it is boasted as the tibet of tibet where gods live. We spend this night in an OK hotel at Tsokchen. (Ride 400 km)


    Day 8  Tsochen to Guertse

    We turn north into deeper Changtang but we will be back to tarmac road again, short ride today we can arrive in early afternoon to have bit of rest. (Ride 250KM)

    Day 9  Guertse – Ali Prefecture Western Tibet

    We finally ride cross the Changtang Plateau and reach the most westward city of Tibet - Ga er. Quite close to Indian border, you will see Shiquanhe river ( river of Lion) runs through the city, and it becomes River Indus when it flows into India which is the longest river in South Asia. (Ride 480KM)


    Day 10  Gaer – Tsaparang

    We ride through rugged sandstone landscape to Zhada county. With the most stunning Himalaya ranges in the background, we get into a huge valley by moon-like landscape with eroded mountains and muddy, such a surreal landscape scene.. (Ride 200KM)


    Day 11  Tholing Monastery and Guge Ruins

    Today is a much needed rest day, so we will not ride but do some sightseeing to the citadel of Tsaparang, 18km west of Zhada, has been gracefully falling into ruin ever since its slide from prominence in the 17th century. The ruins seem to grow organically out of the hills in tiers and are crowned by a red Summer Palace atop a yellow cockscomb-like outcrop. It’s a photogenically surreal landscape that resembles a giant termites’ nest. Glorious citadel overlooking the Sutlej River Valley stands on top of the hill with many caves perching the hill slopes. Murals here are superior to Tholing monastery and Tsaparang is a very important site for people interested in Buddhist art.  (Ride 0 KM)


    Day 12  Mt. Kailash

    We back track to G219 and ride towards Mount Kailash. Another great day passing the pastures and we see Mt. Namnani, Lake Manasarova and finally reach the foot of Mt. Kailash, the holiest to the Hindus and Tibetans. There are pilgrims coming all yea around to worship this awesome mountain. (Ride 240KM)


    Day 13  Mountain Kailash – Saga

    Say goodbye to the pilgrims and the holy mountain, we follow the incredible G219 road to Saga, We ride along lake Manasarovar underneath the glaciers. Saga is a wild west post but with an OK hotel for the night. (Ride 490KM)


    Day 14  Mt. Everest Base Camp

    Our great journey continues in the shadow of the Himalayas, we pass by lake Pekutso, with Shishapanma 8012m standing next to your road. Soon we reach Pang la pass (5,130m) with a view of the Hamalayan giants including Everest ( Chomolunma) and Choyu. We ride up to Robgbuk monastery (5100m) and spend the night there in a tented guesthouse. You have the opportunity to walk to the Everest Base Camp to see the sunset. Or you can do the short hike next morning. (Ride 300KM)


    Day 15  Everest Base Camp to Shigatse

    Nothing compares to waking up in the glorious morning of Chomolungma. We ride to Shigatse, the second largest city of Tibet, is also the home to Panchan Lama. An entire day of motorbike riding gets us back to Shigatse, where we take a break. On the way we enjoy the once more breathtaking scenery of Tibet from our motorbikes. The afternoon is free.(Ride 345KM)

    Day 16  Shigatse to Lhasa

    We ride back to Lhasa via another road with its fantastic panoramas to Lhasa. We ride on roads through the valley with its farms and pastures. We will follow the Yarlungzangpo river and finally reach Lhasa. Upon arrive in Lhasa we check in the hotel and celebrate out adventure with a Lhasa beer, or maybe two ! (Ride  275KM)

    Day 17  Lhasa to Chengdu

    We will transfer you to the airport for your flight to Chengdu (Air ticket is included) 

    May 21 (Sunday) - Jun. 06 (Tuesday), 2023

    May 19 (Sunday) - Jun. 04 (Tuesday), 2024

    Tour Prices in USD

    ZF500X: $4950/person 6+ riders

    BMW F750/800GS: $5500/person

    BMW 1200GS:$6300/person


    4 - 5 riders add $800/person


    Singleroom Supplement: $650/person

    Pillion Rider & Passenger: $2500/person


    --All meals(breakfasts, lunches, dinners)

    --Chengdu/Lhasa round way flights

    --Fuel for motorcycles

    --Motorcycle (pannier or tail boxes)

    --All overnights in hotels twin sharing 

    --Third party liability insurance

    --Entry fee to parks and monasteries

    --English Speaking guide on a motorcycle

    --Support Vehicle ( passenger & luggage)


    --Bottled drinks

    --All services not mentioned

    --Tipping or gratuities to guides

    --Mandatory intl. travel insurance

    --Excursions other than those specified

    --Extra cost if tour is delayed or changed

    "What an adventure, but not for the fainted hearts. You need certain endurance for longer days of riding and thin air. Apart from that, it has been a once in my life time trip. You got to see some most stunning nature wonders on earth and a unique Tibet. Highly recommend Ride China as your one and only outfitter. I  wouldn't do such a trip without an experienced and super hard working team. "

    James - UK 


    "Jia is an exceptional tour guide with a great team. I was very impressed with his great tour through Tibet along the high road,  taking in Everest camp and the lost Tibetan kingdom of Guge (and other highlights).  He is a great rider with huge experience, and is very patient with a great sense of humour. He also speaks excellent English. I would whole heartedly recommend taking a tour with him. Great tour, great value for money, very comfortable pace with plenty of rest stops, and great accommodation."

    Dan - U.K.


Maximum 10 bikes




17 days, 12 riding days, 3 sightseeing days


Intermediate Level, tarmac roads with some switchbacks, high altitude (3650 - 5000 m) in remote areas,5 -8 hours riding per day with short gravel and unpaved sections. Total distance 3700 KM. Daily rides 180 - 480 Km. Mostly on asphalt roads, highest pass at 5290m, highest overnight at 5100m.


Chengdu - Lhasa - Namtso - Nyima - Tsokchen - Guertse - Ali - Tsaparang - Mt Kailash - Saga - Mt.Everest - Gyantse - Lhasa - Chengdu


Hotels and guesthouses

✥ Rarely visited Changtang Plateau
✥ No man's land of Tibet
✥ Tsaparang Guge Cidatel
✥ Holy Mt. Kailash
✥ Ride over Tibetan Himalayas
✥ Night stay at Mt Everest base camp
✥ Visit Holy city Lhasa
✥ Visit Potala Palace, Jokhang Monastery
✥ Circumambulate Barkhor Street
✥ Encounter Tibetan Nomads
✥ Largest lakes of Tibet


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