• Cost from US$1800, 8 days adventure through the Great Rivers of Asia

    Great River Trenches of Asia - Yangtse Mekong Salween

    ✥Visit cultural crossroads Dali
    ✥River across Mekong Salween Yangtse
    ✥3900m Biluoxue Mountain Pass
    ✥Highest unclimbed mountain Kawakarpo 6740m 
    ✥4290m White Horse Pass
    ✥Hiking on 3000m glaciers
    ✥Lijiang world heritage old city
    ✥Great Rivers National Park of China
    ✥Excellent Yunnan Cuisines
  • Cost from US$1280, 6 days adventure ride to Tibet border lands

    Shangri_la Tibet Border Land and Holy Mountain

    ✥Visit Lijiang world heritage old city
    ✥Ride through Tiger Leaping Gorge
    ✥4290m White Horse Pass
    ✥Kawakarpo mountain 6740m
    ✥Yangse and Mekong Valleys
    ✥Minorities and Local Winery
    ✥Foothills of Himalaya
  • Cost from US$2850, 13 days tour around Yunnan

    Best of Yunnan, China's hidden treasure

    ✥Visit lesser Tian'an Men Square
    ✥Traditional Chinese gardens
    ✥Ride through World's largest terraced fields
    ✥Visit hill tribes on minority markets
    ✥Sample tea at tea plantation and traverse the Mekong
    ✥Relaxed ambiance of boutiques and coffee shops
    ✥Stay in Lijiang world heritage town
    ✥Travel through the third deepest gorge in the world
    ✥Visit Tibetan Monasteries and Tibetan nomads
    ✥Ride over 4290m pass to Mt. Kawakarpo 6740m
    ✥Immerse yourself in Shaxi tea horse caravan town
  • Cost from US$1280, 6 days adventure in remote Yangtse Valley with great mountain vistas.

    Stone Village to Daughters Kingdom

    ✥Lijiang world heritage site
    ✥Matriarchy society Lugu Lake
    ✥Yangtze River Valley
    ✥Naxi and Yi Villages
    ✥World’s third deepest Gorge
    ✥Jade Dragon Mountain
    ✥Haba Snow Mountain
    ✥Stone Village on the cliff
    ✥Great mountainscapes


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