• Apr. 1 - 18, Oct. 15 - Nov. 1, 2019

    Best of Asia-Thailand-Laos-China-Tibet Border Lands 18 Days

    Motorcycling the best of Asia, You will explore three exotic countries of Asia in 18 days:Thailand-Laos-China as far as to the Tibet border lands. This tour starts and ends in beautiful Chiangmai in Thailand. Besides the stunning scenery this tour offers an insight into local cultures, Historical Sites, National Parks, local cuis…

  • Explore the best of Indochina - China Vietnam Laos 15 Days

    This 15 day tour explores the majestic mountainous regions of three magical countries - China, Vietnam and Laos. YUNNAN China is where we start the tour, Yunnan is definitely one of the most ethnically fascinating and scenically stunning provinces in all of China. Home to 25 of Chinas minority groups and over half of all Chinas p…


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