Apr. 1 - 18, Oct. 15 - Nov. 1, 2021

Best of Asia-Thailand-Laos-China-Tibet Border Lands 18 Days

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    Motorcycling the best of Asia, You will explore three exotic countries of Asia in 18 days: Thailand-Laos-China as far as to the Tibet border lands. This tour starts and ends in beautiful Chiangmai in Thailand. Besides the stunning scenery this tour offers an insight into local cultures, Historical Sites, National Parks, local cuisine and local traditional way of life. The tour is in a wonderful riding experience on a big motorcycle on windy, straight and hilly roads - mostly paved and easy to handle. However there are also some stretches which are rather narrow and steep. To join this tour you need to have good riding skills and should be able to handle your big motorcycle in different conditions. Please keep also in mind that we partly ride on an elevation of 4,000 meters and above. Weather conditions vary greatly, from tropical heat in Thailand and Laos to freezing temperatures in Tibet, bring WARM clothes.

    The journey provides an outstanding opportunity to obtain a thorough impression of the uniqueness of North Thailand, Laos and the Yunnan province in China including the autonomous province of Tibet, Shangri-La and so much more.

    We will explore countless small, almost hidden roads, villages and towns.

    ITINERARY for Shangri-La Motorcycle Tour
    Day #1: Chiang Rai to Luang Namtha, Laos 
    200 kms. 8:00 hours approximate riding time.

    Day #2: Luang Namtha, Laos to Jinghong, China
    230 kms. Approx. 2:30 riding time. 

    Day #3: Jinghong to Honghe
    390 kms. Approx. 6:00 riding time. 

    Day #4: Honghe to Jianshui
    250 kms. Approx. 5:20 riding time. 

    Day #5: Jianshui to Stone Forest
    250 Kms kms. Approx. 4:00 riding time.
    Day #6: Stone Forest to Kunming
    80 kms. Approx. 2:00 riding time.

    Day #7: Kunming to Shaxi
    460 kms. Approx. 5:45 riding time. 
    Day #8: Shaxi to Cizhon
    287 kms. Approx. 8:00 riding time.

    Day #9: Cizhong to Shangri La
    365 kms. Approx. 5:45 riding time.

    Day #10: Rest Day in Shangri-La

    Day #11: Shangri-La to Lijiang.
    280 kms. Approx. 6:45 riding time.

    Day #12  Lijiang to Dali 
    Half rest day in Lijiang
    165 kms. Approx. 3:30 riding time.

    Day #13: Dali to Shuangjiang
    165 kms. Approx. 3:30 riding time.

    Day #14 Shuangjiang to Jinghong 
    350 kms. 6:00 riding time.

    Day 15:Jinghong to Mohan
    175 Kms 3.00 Hrs riding time

    Day #16: Mohan China to Chiang Khong, Thailand
    260 kms. 6:45 riding time

    Day #17: Chiang Khong to Chiang Mai
    234 Kms 6:00 riding time

    2021 date: Apr. 1 - 18,  Oct. 15 - Nov. 1

    Tour Cost in US Dollar

    6500 3200
    7800 3200


    -16 overnights quality hotels and guesthouses
    --Breakfast and dinners except for rest days
    --Motorcycle rental with unlimited mileage
    --Fuel during the whole tour
    --Third party liability insurance for motorcycles
    --Road captain on motorcycle leading the group
    --Tour guide in support van in all countries, Thailand, Laos and China
    --Support van for luggage transportation (1 piece per person), drinks and space for a few guests on entire tour upon prior request
    --Entrance fee to national parks and historical sites
    --All licenses and permits in Laos and China
    --Police escort in Laos according to legal requirement
    --Tour information package including riding and safety tips, details about the hotels, the route and the sights


    --All services not mentioned as included
    --All personal expenses
    --Alcoholic beverages
    --On the rest days, no lunch or dinner included
    --Visa to Laos (USD 30-35 two times, depending on the nationality), visa on arrival,
    --Visa to China (USD 60 – 240, depending on the nationality. Visa has to be applied PRIOR to the trip at a Chinese Embassy or Consulate General.

    It doesn't get any better than this! If you want organization, good places to stay, good food, nice people, you should deal with RideChina !

    Our four countries motorcycle adventure was tailor made, well organized. Both the road captain and support crew have been wonderful. 



Minimum 4 participants




18 days




Total distance 3482KM, daily rides 150-460 km. Mostly on asphalt roads, highways and national roads.


Fine Hotels and guesthouses


Chiangmai city, northern Thailand, Mekong river, Dali, Lijiang and Shaxi old towns, Shangri_la and Tibet borderlands, Himalaya foothills, Luangprabang, Laos


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