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If the service has not been carried out or only been carried out in an incomplete manner, the customer has a right to claim on warranty. During journey the tour operator shall not change the traveling schedules without the customer’s consent except for the event of force majeure or any other reasons stated in the chosen tour program. In the event of such change in schedule, the tour operator shall proportionately refund the tour fee to the customer save and except that such change is for a comparable or better replacement. 

Cancellation of the contract 

1) Notice of cancellation 

The customer (principal) may inform RDECHINA or the agent at which the travel has been booked at any time that he will cancel the contract. In case of cancellation, it is recommended to do this by e-mail, registered letter or personally, with a simultaneous written declaration. 

2) No show 

No show means the customer does not appear for the departure without prior notification to RIDECHINA, whether he/she does not want to travel or if he/she misses the departure for any negligence for which he/she is responsible or for any incident that happens to him/her. In such case, the tour fee paid will not be refunded under any circumstances 

Driving license and driving ability 

On completion of the booking, the customer declares that he/she possess a valid Driving License from their home country and an International Driving License for motorbike over 500 cc (the vehicle) taking part in the tour for the period of travel and has the necessary driving ability, technically, mentally and physically to control such a vehicle booked, safely on the tour route. The customer also declares to have experience of driving motorcycles above 500 cc for at least a total of 10,000 km. The customer must immediately notify RIDECHINA of all changes with respect to his/her driving license that affect his/her participation in the tour (for instance, disqualification from driving). Should it turn out after the booking and before the start of the travel that the customer has no Driving Licenses valid as mentioned above for the travel period and for the category of vehicle chosen, then RIDECHINA have the right to cancel the booking and refund the paid tour fee at the rates specified by RIDECHINA in paragraph (Cancellation fees if cancellation is made by the customers) and RIDECHINA is exempted from further contract fulfillment. If RIDECHINA, a minimum of 2 experienced employees or RIDECHINA’s nominees, determines upon the first day’s group riding that the customer lacks sufficient experiences and is not capable of driving such a vehicle booked and clearly creates a danger for himself or others in the group. RIDECHINA has the right to terminate the remaining tour schedule at the customer’s fault and no refund of any paid tour fees shall take place. Should it turn out after the tour has started that the customer has no valid Driving Licenses as mentioned above for the tour period or does not have the necessary driving ability to be able to control the vehicle, refer above paragraph, taken over safely on the tour route, RIDECHINA have the right to terminate the remaining tour schedule at the customer’s fault and no refund of any paid tour fees shall take place. Local requirements The customer joins the road traffic during the tour on his/her own responsibility and is obliged to heed the provisions of the local road traffic regulations. He/she must bear any penalties, fines or similar charges, including damage to a third party’s person or property attributable to his/her abuse of local traffic regulations. 

Data protection and copyright 

Photographs, transparencies and videos taken on the tours by RIDECHINA representatives are RIDECHINA’s copyright. RIDECHINA has the right to use such material for advertising purposes without costs for RIDECHINA vis-à-vis participants, even if participants are identifiable on them. RIDECHINA has the right to pass a participant’s name and address on to other tour participants and to RIDECHINA’s partners, who may use such a name and address for advertising purposes unless the participant expressly refuses (in writing) to allow such passing on. 

Weather conditions and routes 

RIDECHINA reserves the right to change tour routes and thus overnight accommodation venues and other services as necessary because of seasonal circumstances and current weather conditions. When doing that RIDECHINA will endeavor not to change the character of the tour and to provide similar services. RIDECHINA does not assume any responsibility for poor weather conditions that may occur and in this respect the participant has no claim of any kind whatsoever for reimbursement of the tour price.


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