Personal & Motorcycle Insurance

Personal Travel Insurance A personal traveling insurance is highly recommended to obtain from your home country with coverage of driving or being a passenger on a motorcycle of 250 cc or more (not in competition). We advice that your travel insurance covers travel cancellation, medical, repatriation, liability and personal accident as minimum. This means participants carry their own risk of any need of coverage regards the above mentioned topics and other related personal incidents, and RIDECHINA has no liability whatsoever. Motorcycle insurance RIDECHINA’s motorcycles are covered with third party insurance (limited to 300USD of property loss and 1000USD of human loss) If the tour starts from Thailand, the motorcycles have following insurances; In Thailand: included third Party Liability insurance and Full First Class Comprehensive motorcycle insurance with a deductible of max. USD 1,500,- in case of a damage. The amount deductible to be determined and confirmed by a third part expert upon evaluating the damage of the motorcycle. Kindly note that full first class comprehensive insurance is only valid in Thailand. Outside Thailand: It’s not possible to get Full First Class Comprehensive motorcycle insurance. We provide you with a limited Third Party Liability Cover. This means participants carry the risk of any damage of the motorcycle while riding outside of Thailand. Participants also carry the risk for compensation to third party above the third party liability coverage mentioned above.


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