Cancellation made by the customers

Cancellation fees if cancellation is made by the customers

· 60 days prior to departure - Full deposit 

· 59 to the 40 days prior to departure – 30% of the tour fee 

· 39 to the 30 days prior to departure - 50% of the tour fee 

· 29 day prior to departure - 100% of the tour fee.  

It is recommended that an insurance policy covering travel cancellation be taken out by the customer. 

Vehicle Rental and Security Deposit The rental of a vehicle in the respective category booked is part of RIDECHINA service. The condition of vehicles will be in line with the prevailing circumstances in the country concerned. In no case is there any claims for a new vehicle to be made available. The customer must be in possession of a valid driving license for the rented vehicle in order to take it over. Evidence of that must be provided at the start of the tour. If that is not fulfilled, RIDECHINA reserves the right not to hand the rented vehicle over and to exclude the customer from the tour. In such a case, RIDECHINA is not obliged to refund payments of any kinds and is not liable for the additional costs arising for the customer because of that. The illustrations used for RIDECHINA sales literature do not allow any conclusions to be drawn concerning vehicle specification. More precise information about rental vehicles and their specification may be requested from RIDECHINA. It will endeavor to make available the model of vehicle booked by the customer but reserves the right to replace that with a comparable model in the event of unforeseen situations, such as a technical defect, accident, theft or similar occurrence. Should RIDECHINA not be in a position to make a comparable model of vehicle available then RIDECHINA will reimburse the customer for the difference between the vehicles’ daily rates. Security deposit is payable upon motorcycle hand over with cash. Full amount is reimbursed after the tour (if no damage occurred) In case of damage the amount deductible to be based upon Official list price for parts needed to be replaced upon evaluating the damage of the motorcycle. RIDECHINA is not obliged to replace a damaged vehicle during a tour, but will try it out most to do so. If a rental vehicle develops a technical defect, then the customer is obliged to report that to RIDECHINA immediately and RIDECHINA will do it out most to repair or replace the vehicle if possible.


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