June 19 to July 16, 2018 confirmed to go

Bishkek to SE Asia via Tibet and Mt Everest

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    This is one of the greatest Himalayas adventures. In four weeks you will travel almost the entire length of the Himalayas and Karakorum mountain ranges. On this route, there will be enough time for browsing in the bazaar of Kashgar, visiting some of the oldest monasteries in Tibet, and enjoying the magnificent view of West Tibet by crossing from the elevated desserts of the Changtang to the fearful Taklamakan (the Death Sea) with its charming oasis and friendly peoples. The adventure starts at Kirgizstan border. Our guide will meet you at the border and clear the customs and help you getting your vehicle plates and driver's licenses.  We will follow the western edge of the Taklimakan Desert to Mazza. Then we ride to Ngari-the largest city in the far west Tibet, climb some of  the highest passes and cross some beautiful valleys. In the following days this journey we will cross the great Chang Tang (Northern Plateau) into far-west Tibet through the wildest land on earth. Meeting nomads dwelling in low, black tents, tend flocks of sheep and goats as well as herds of the yak. Pilgrims of Buddhists, Bon, Hindus and Jains all come to pay their homage to this sacred mountain. Further within the heavily eroded sandstone canyon and valleys of the upper Yarlung River are numerous ruins of ancient cities that once comprised the kingdom of Guge, temples in that area are still intact and contain exquisite murals and decorative motifs with a history of more than ten thousand years. Continue the journey to the holy city Lhasa, where you have spent some days to explore the different lifestyle and existing culture of the roof of the world. Monasteries and shrines are the centre of the religious faith, which plays an important role in their day to day life since from thousand years. We then travel across the great river trenches of Asia and drop to the subtropical region in Yunnan Province. You then may continue your journey to Myanmar, Laos or Vietnam.


    Brief Itinerary

    Kyrgyzstan Bordersto China
    Torugart Pass 160KM to Kashgar
    Irkeshtam Pass 220KM to Kashgar


    Day 1  Kashgar 
    Ride to Kirgizstan border and met by your Chinese guide, clear the customs and handle the paper works. You will ride 160Km to Kashgar.


    Day 2   Kashgar permit and license
    Getting licenses and plates, afternoon free in Kashgar


    Day 3  Kashgar- Yecheng (280KM)
    Start your journey with your guide and escort vehicle, you will travel to Yecheng, still in Xinjiang Autonomous Region.


    Day 4  Yecheng - Mazha - Dahongliutan (480KM)
    Ride to Maza, start seeing the karakorum mountains. We will be riding along the karakorums, altitude stays at 4000meters. We will try to reach Da Hong Liutan for overnight, the only place for possible accomodationa nd restaurants.


    Day 5  Dahongliutan -Duoma (350KM)
    We will ride over several high passes to Duoma, You are actually parallel to Leh in northern India.


    Day 6  Duoma - Shiquanhe (254KM)
    We will be riding to Bangongtso lake, an international lake the borders India to the west. Shiquanhe is the main city in western Tibet.


    Day 7  Shiquanhe- Zhada ( Tsaparang) (253KM)
    Zhada ruins also called Tsaparang, is the ancient Gugu kingdom of Tibet, once had a strong influence to Ladakh region on the other side of the Himalayas.


    Day 8  Zhada - Darchen ( Baga) (240KM)
    Ride to the holy lake at Manasarowar, and spend a night on the foot of Mt. Kailash


    Day 9  Darchen - Saga (500KM)
    Eastward towards Saga., great view of the holy mountain Mt. Kailash.


    Day 10  Saga - Old Tingri (500KM)
    We ride to Tingri, the township on the foot of the himalayas. Enroute we will see 8260m Shixiapanma Mountain and pass Peigutso Lake.


    Day 11 Tingri-Base Camp of Everest-Shegar (200KM)
    We ride over the 5200m pangla pass to Mount Everest(Chomolunma) at Rongbuk Monastery. We will be spending some time at Everest Base Camp.


    Day 12  Everest BC-Shigatse(370kM)
    We ride back to Shigatse, the second largest city of Tibet.


    Day 13  Shigatse - Lhasa (280KM)
    We will reach the holy city of Lhasa


    Day 14-15 Lhasa

    Two rest days in Lhasa to visit Potala Palace, Jokhang monastery and Barkhor Street, etc..


    Day 16  Lhasa to Bayi  (440kms)
    We meet up with our motorcycles will drive east to Bayi with beautiful view. We will see Meadow & River alongside of the way.  Overnight at hotel in Bayi.


    Day 17  Bayi to Ranwo (350kms)
    Today we are travelling on the same road (pavement road) and overnight at hotel by the lake side of Ranwo Lake. Great views of the glacier fed lake.


    Day 18  Ranwo to Zuogong (310kms)
    We ride to Zuogong for overnight.


    Day 19  Zuogong to Yanjing (275kms)
    Heading to Yanjing on route following  the Mekong River and mountain. It is very wonderful view. Lunch at local restaurant. Arrived at Yanjing, we will visit the salt flats and enjoy a hot spring bath.


    Day 20  Yanjing to Shangri_la (312KM)
    Have a great view of the sun rise on  Mt. Kawa Karpo Mountain, we then ride along the Mekong River to Weixi. Another scenic riding day as we travel south on the east bank of the Mekong river, also named Lan Cang Jiang in Chinese. We will make a stop at Cizhong Church and ride to Weixi.


    Day 21  Shangri_la to Lijiang via Tiger Leaping Gorge  (275KM)
    We will ride on probably the most memorable road of all, the one that takes us through Tiger Leaping Gorge. This fantastic road follows a contour line along the third-deepest gorge in the world. Tiger Leaping Gorge is formed by the fierce and young (at this point) Yangtze River, which slices a path through towering, snow-clad mountains.Impossible not to jump off of your bike every few minutes to snap a few pics. This could be the #1 road in Asia for sure. Lijiang, our destination tonight, is the third and final UNESCO World Heritage Site we visit. It is the most popular tourist destination in China, even surpassing Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden Palace. A real party atmosphere permeates Lijiang and it is a great place to meet and mix with the local population.


    Day 22  Rest day in Lijiang
    Lijiang, the UNESCO World Heritage site.
    Lijiang's charming Old Town is a maze of cobbled streets, canals, and stone bridges that date from the Ming Dynasty. You are free to explore this ancient city at your leisure. Lijiang is a shop till you drop type place and all sorts of interesting items are for sale.


    Day 23  Lijiang to Dali (180KM)
    We wend our way southwards over the modern version of the Ancient Tea-Horse Road to Dali, Yunnan Province's 2nd-most important city and also one of China's most historic.
    The Bai Kingdom and the Kingdom of Dali were both centered here between the 8th and 12th centuries. In the mid 1800's there was a major Muslim rebellion that shook the entire region all the way down to Thailand. Repercussions of this conflict were felt well into the early 1900's. More than a million people were killed in Yunnan Province alone. But today Dali is peaceful and this historic walled city is well preserved. We lodge in the Old Quarter tonight. An early arrival means there is ample time to wander around the streets and explore this atmospheric town.

    Day 24  Dali to Different borders
    You may choose to exit China through three borders to Laos and Myanmar
    1. Mohan/Boten to Laos (800KM)
    2. Ruili/Muse to Myanmar (580KM)


    Day 25  Travelling to different borders


    Day 26  Clear customs and say goodbye to China

    June 19 to July 16, 2018 confirmed to go


    8500USD/person/bike for 2 riders
    7000USD/person/bike for 3 riders
    6000USD/person/bike for 3-4 riders




    --Chinese driving licenses and temp plates

    --Customs clearances

    --Custom Bund

    --Third party liability insurance for your motorcycles

    --Road book of the tour and destination information

    --Tour guide on his own motorcycle or drive an escort car

    --Tour guide's own food and lodges

    -- Assists on bike maintenance

    -- Assists on bike spare parts sourcing





    --All entry fees to parks and monasteries, etc...

    --Fuel and oil for your motorcycles

    --All overnights in hotels, guesthouses and tent

    --All services not mentioned and all items of a personal nature

    --Tipping or gratuities to guides and drivers

    --Mandatory international travel insurance

    --Extra cost if  tour is delayed or changed due to reasons beyond control 

    High Road to Tibet China, Everest and eastern Tibet

    "THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, you have been more than helpful... and we are very pleased with Tony and our driver.. One month they have really worked hard to make this trip come through...

    And thanks for the support to Lars at Kumming we know that you have done everything that is possible to get the suspension ..."  

    High Road Team- Sweden


Minimum 2 participants




26 day, 21 riding days, 5 rest days




Total distance 5662 km, daily rides 250-400 km. Mostly on asphalt roads with some gravels.


Hotels and Guesthouses


Lhasa, Himalayas and Karakorums, Tibetan culture, Yumdrok Lake, Mt. Everest base camp, Mount Kailash, Guge Kingdom Ruins, Chang Tang Plateau, Kashgar city


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